Day 10: Green Beans

“Waste” is a dirty word in our house. Everything – and I really do mean everything – eventually gets eaten.  Leftover mash? Let’s make croquettes for dinner.  A bit of almost slimy spinach at the bottom of the drawer? Perfect for breakfast smoothies.  There’s no excuse to waste anything and we really do our best to ensure we avoid it at all costs.

Step forward Mabel, our new little mini hoover.  You see, on this particular day, I had a few green beans leftover in the fridge from mine and Mabel’s daddy’s dinner last night.  Not quite enough to form any part of Daddy’s lunchtime pack-up, but certainly enough for tiny curious mouths.  So I simply put them in the microwave, with a touch of water to help them cook and then blitzed in the Nutribullet.

As there wasn’t a ton of the beans leftover, this really did only make a small amount, but bulked out with some of the other veg Mabel has already conquered, it made for a perfect size meal.  I even threw in some steamed cauliflower florets, which Mabel did actually pick up and eat so we’re making progress (baby steps, literally).

It’s pretty handy to know that as we go forward, there’s now three of us to help our no-waste cause.  A family of bottom-of-the-fridge foragers.  And proud.

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