Day 7: Avocado

“What ever happened to good old carrots and peas?” cried Mabel’s grandparents upon hearing that avocado was to be her next food adventure. C’mon now guys, this is the year 2018 and we live in East London. Mabel shall go to the avocado ball.

It’s not hard to work out why Mabel loved (and continues to love) avocado quite as much as she did that day. It’s smooth, silky and just bland enough to be completely non-intrusive and baby-friendly. Plus it feels oh-so-good between tiny fingers. Squishy, smushy and altogether satisfying.

I simply mashed the flesh with a fork, so this was Mabel’s first experience with a somewhat thicker and more varied texture. She was not fazed. I’m not even sure she noticed she took the bowl down so quickly. In fact, in the space of 24 hours, she ate an entire avocado to herself.

I did have some reserves and made some healthy muffins for myself and Mabel’s daddy to last us throughout the week. You can see that recipe here. Mabel will also love those muffins too in a little while I’m sure (minus the honey until she one).

So call her a mini hipster, call her an East London food snob, Mabel is coming at food clichés, all guns blazing. Next stop – seitan, poke bowls? Watch this space.

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