Day 9: Carrot

Alright, alright, we’re not raising a mini food hipster (well not entirely anyway).  It’s hugely important to both me and Mabel’s daddy that she eat anything and everything.  So despite the fact that cooked carrots are probably one of my least favourite things to eat and I would so much prefer to see her eat something a whole lot more exciting (can’t she have a taco already?), I must allow her to have the boring old baby food.

And truth be told, she loves them.

Again, I allowed some texture, simply steaming (following the same “recipe” as I did with the cauliflower) and gently mashing.  Her lunchtime bowl disappeared before I had to a chance to cry “but what about miso-glazed aubergine and crispy kale?!”.

For dinner, I served a full plate of the same carrot concoction with some avocado and pea puree, plus some steamed carrot sticks for Mabel to pick up and feed herself.  She ate the whole plate of mash and purees, but the carrot sticks were somewhat more of a challenge.  They did disappear, but mostly because they ended up being thrown on the floor, out of sight.  One to revisit at a later date.

So, I admit defeat.  As much as I will never, ever warm to a side dish of cooked carrots, I fully recognise that Mabel already has and I truly hope she continues to love them as emphatically.  It seems that there is a place for old fuddy-duddy baby food after all.

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