Messy Me Bib & Splashmat Review

Mabel’s Daddy and I moved into our house in Walthamstow almost two years ago now.  We, like seemingly everyone else in E17, packed our belongings up from (in our case) Highbury via Dalston, sold up, kissed Clissold Park goodbye and said hello to The Stow.  

For a mere 10 minutes away on the tube, it felt like a very big move.  In fact, it felt very grown up.  We were buying a house.  A for real house.  With multiple bedrooms, multiple floors and even a garden, which was not a make shift roof terrace with fake grass that you had to climb out of window to use (but hey, we did love that roof terrace).

Since that move, we have taken time and energy to make this house our beloved home.  We’ve bought furniture, gardened, painted, repainted, wallpapered, etc. to add our own personality to our own little corner of Walthamstow.  In doing this, we have always thought in the back of our minds that one day, our future baby will also love this home – just the way it is right now.

Oh believe me, we’ve had naysayers.  We’ve had friends saying sofas will be destroyed with Mabel’s arrival, sisters saying tables with corners are accidents waiting to happen and even cousins arguing that somehow cacti hanging high on a wall way out of any normal sized child’s reach could somehow inflict harm.  But we’ve been adamant.  We can make a loving, beautiful home that works for us just as much as it works for Mabel.

Now of course as Mabel gets bigger, so do her requirements.  We are becoming more and more overrun with toys, and we can’t move for muslins.  And we are proud to watch our rooms slowly start to look more lived in and more loved.  But we still want her stuff and our stuff to exist in perfect harmony.

Step forward then Messy Me, a family run business which prides itself on designing “stylish products made for mess”.  Messy Me sells a range of incredibly stylish weaning accessories.  All wipe clean and are available in gorgeous colours and designs, meaning – hey presto – our home can still look lovely even with Mabel’s mightiest attempts to create mess.


Messy Me’s secret is in its oilcloth, which feels incredibly soft, so is more comfortable for babies and toddlers and drapes well, meaning it catches all those pesky flying food particles.  It also has a 100% cotton base for added breathability and a lovely gloss finish, which is harder wearing and resistant to most stains.

Mabel is currently sporting her own Messy Tunic bib in a grey star design (£9.50), which perfectly matches the Messy Mat (£24) splashmat sitting under her highchair – as well as the rest of our kitchen and living room.  The muted grey looks great in our home and the functionality of both products means that while mealtimes aren’t quite mess-free, they are definitely mess-a-whole-lot-less.



Our house is forever evolving and with Mabel now its star occupier, we are finding ways to make it a home we can all grow, live and love in.  It’s small differences and products like Messy Me that help along this journey.  I’ve already got my eye on the aprons (£12.50) for when Mabel is slightly older and starts cooking alongside me – naturally in soft grey stars.


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