About Us

Mabel is a (at time of writing) 6 month old baby, born and bred in East London, United Kingdom.  Her passions include smiling, being sung to, watching her parents dance sillily, chewing toys and reading (or also chewing) books.  She has just embarked on her lifelong adventure with food.

Mommy is Amy Cowley, a (at time of writing) 36 year old grown up, born in America, who has called the UK home for over 20 years.  Her passions include cooking, eating, travel and now Mabel.  She works in marketing in the London restaurant industry and lives and breathes all things food.

Together we are on a journey, exploring new foods and recipes and learning as we go.  We would love to hear your stories and thoughts.  Email us on mommyandmabel@gmail.com and be sure to follow our story on Instagram.