Mabel’s Daddy is from Grimsby and so his love for fish not only comes naturally, it’s very much in his blood.  The first meal he ever cooked for me was, in fact, sea bass.  I guess he did a pretty good job… Read More

This has been the best summer ever. I can say that with absolute certainty.  I am affectionately calling it the Summer of Mabel.  Mabel’s first summer.  And what a summer to have as your first. 

Mabel’s Daddy and I moved into our house in Walthamstow almost two years ago now.  We, like seemingly everyone else in E17, packed our belongings up from (in our case) Highbury via Dalston, sold up, kissed Clissold Park goodbye and said hello… Read More

Ever since way before I was pregnant and indeed way before I even knew if I’d ever want to or would end up being a mother, I always knew that if I did, cooking with my child would be one of my… Read More

I think it’s all too easy to take for granted those people in your life upon which you can rely.  Particularly on this baby making and raising journey, a support network becomes absolutely crucial.

Sometimes I think I am not reading enough.  I feel like everyone I know is reading articles, watching YouTube videos and copying files from the newest and most revered parenting site to learn the ins and outs of their baby. I’m not.

It’s amazing how fast things can happen in the world of babies.  One minute they’re helplessly lying on their favourite changing mat on the kitchen table (the only place that calmed Mabel down in some particularly tearful times in her early days)… Read More

“Waste” is a dirty word in our house. Everything – and I really do mean everything – eventually gets eaten.  Leftover mash? Let’s make croquettes for dinner.  A bit of almost slimy spinach at the bottom of the drawer? Perfect for breakfast… Read More

Alright, alright, we’re not raising a mini food hipster (well not entirely anyway).  It’s hugely important to both me and Mabel’s daddy that she eat anything and everything.  So despite the fact that cooked carrots are probably one of my least favourite… Read More

“What ever happened to good old carrots and peas?” cried Mabel’s grandparents upon hearing that avocado was to be her next food adventure. C’mon now guys, this is the year 2018 and we live in East London. Mabel shall go to the… Read More