1 chicken thigh and drumstick joint on the bone
125g chestnut mushrooms
Full fat milk (enough to cover the chicken in a small pot)
1 bay leaf Read More

50g white basmati rice
75g cooked beetroot
1 tsp cream cheese
1 sprig fresh thyme Read More

Mabel and I are very excited to be running our first competition as a Mommy / Daughter duo.  This October we are giving you the chance to experience the UK’s top shopping event for new and expectant parents. The Baby Show, with MadeForMums, will be taking place from Friday 19th until Sunday 21st October at Olympia London. It is a must-attend event that gives visitors the opportunity to compare, try and buy – and we’ve got free tickets just for you! Read More

Ever since way before I was pregnant and indeed way before I even knew if I’d ever want to or would end up being a mother, I always knew that if I did, cooking with my child would be one of my favourite things. Read More

100g green lentils
2 carrots
300ml water Read More

I think it’s all too easy to take for granted those people in your life upon which you can rely.  Particularly on this baby making and raising journey, a support network becomes absolutely crucial. Read More

2 sweet potatoes
2 tbsp cornflour
1 tbsp smoked paprika Read More

Sometimes I think I am not reading enough.  I feel like everyone I know is reading articles, watching YouTube videos and copying files from the newest and most revered parenting site to learn the ins and outs of their baby.

I’m not. Read More

It’s amazing how fast things can happen in the world of babies.  One minute they’re helplessly lying on their favourite changing mat on the kitchen table (the only place that calmed Mabel down in some particularly tearful times in her early days) and the next they are sitting up on their own, without a care in the world. Read More

“Waste” is a dirty word in our house. Everything – and I really do mean everything – eventually gets eaten.  Leftover mash? Let’s make croquettes for dinner.  A bit of almost slimy spinach at the bottom of the drawer? Perfect for breakfast smoothies.  There’s no excuse to waste anything and we really do our best to ensure we avoid it at all costs. Read More