Alright, alright, we’re not raising a mini food hipster (well not entirely anyway).  It’s hugely important to both me and Mabel’s daddy that she eat anything and everything.  So despite the fact that cooked carrots are probably one of my least favourite things to eat and I would so much prefer to see her eat something a whole lot more exciting (can’t she have a taco already?), I must allow her to have the boring old baby food.

“What ever happened to good old carrots and peas?” cried Mabel’s grandparents upon hearing that avocado was to be her next food adventure. C’mon now guys, this is the year 2018 and we live in East London. Mabel shall go to the avocado ball.

It felt only fair after starting Mabel with the somewhat harder taste to acquire that cauliflower brings, we move on to something a bit easier on the old (or in this case, very young) palate. Step forward the timeless classic of pea puree.

300g frozen peas
1 fish stock cube in enough water to cover the peas or – even better – homemade fish stock

I’m not sure who was more shocked the day she first started eating solids – her or me. The look on Mabel’s face when she realised that the white stuff in the bowl was not, in fact, baby rice as she had grown accustomed to in the previous weeks – and loved emphatically – was one we had not yet witnessed before. This was not rice.  This was cauliflower.

200g cauliflower, cut into small florets (note you could do any other vegetable with the same method below, although cooking times may vary)
Enough water to cover the bottom of a pot for steaming