Day 4: Peas

It felt only fair after starting Mabel with the somewhat harder taste to acquire that cauliflower brings, we move on to something a bit easier on the old (or in this case, very young) palate. Step forward the timeless classic of pea puree.

We’d had a bit of a harder day today. Mabel came down with a bad cold, more than likely brought on by teething (hooray, we can finally see her two bottom teeth popping through in all their sharp glory!). So all of the plans we had made for the day went out the window. No swimming, no lunch with friends. Just cuddles and playtime and peas.

I followed the same “recipe” (and believe me, I do use that word incredibly loosely) for the peas as I did for the cauliflower, although I did not steam them, simply microwaved for about 5 minutes until completely defrosted and soft. Oh yes, they are frozen peas – let’s be honest, aren’t they always?

Daddy and I had friends over that evening for dinner, so if it was pea puree for Mabel, it was also pea puree for us. Our was a little bit more sophisticated (only just) and served with scallops and black pudding. It won’t be long until Mabel can have the exact same recipe, but in the meantime, hers went down very well indeed. Then it was time for more cuddles and playtime and yet more peas later on for dinner.

View my “adult” or almost baby friendly version of pea puree here.

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