Baby Chicken & Mushroom Stew Recipe

1 chicken thigh and drumstick joint on the bone
125g chestnut mushrooms
Full fat milk (enough to cover the chicken in a small pot)
1 bay leaf

Steam the mushrooms for about 15 minutes until fully soft and then blitz into a mushroom pulp. I did this step ahead and then froze.  When they were required, I defrosted during the day and then drained the excess water before use.

Poach the chicken gently in a pot with a lid on in simmering milk with the bay leaf until fully cooked. (I allowed about 20 minutes, but it really does depend on the size of your chicken.  Just be sure to check and if the juices run clear, it is cooked).

Remove the chicken from the milk and leave to cool, being sure to keep the milk for later use.

Shred the chicken and then add to a Nutribullet or blender with the mushrooms and a few splashes of the reserved milk to help loosen things up.

Blitz to your desired consistency and serve warm.

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